Innovating the way we teach, learn and work; embracing the Cloud to save us time and money.

Our Vision & Mission

We want to put self-discovery back at the forefront of learning, be it in our classrooms or in our workplaces. We believe learning is a life-long pursuit so we strive to help others overcome any barriers that stops progress taking place. Whenever we collaborate with others, our joint aim is to foster and develop problem-solvers. Our world is forever changing. Today's learners are tomorrow's citizens. Citizens of a globally connected community. We encourage them to be active members of it, appreciate their responsibilities of being members of it and face the challenges that they and their society face; applying the new-age skills that we help them embed.

NUBEly is a community of risk-takers. The members of our community are based all over the world. They are school-based educators and work-based developers, all of whom are committed to helping their pupils and colleagues learn and work in a progressive and innovative way; wanting them to be the best that they can be.

What we do

We work with others to devise and complete projects and strategies that help prepare learners and colleagues for their futures, from life beyond school to changes to their role. Together, we tailor their cloud-based solutions bespoke to their communities' needs.

Technology is already integral in our lives and will be increasingly so in our children's.

We collaborate with schools to help equip their learners with flexible skills that will be useful to them in their lives; full of challenges unknown to us.

In our work together, we save them 74% on IT procurement year-on-year and refine tasks to save each member of staff 56 hours a year. Savings that can be reinvested in people, in relationships.

"We always aim to challenge our learners. Through his innovative ideas of how to utilise Google tools, Antonio has devised tailored training sessions for each and every member of staff that has and will impact learning for each and every learner."

Lisa Hayes, Headteacher

"Working with NUBEly was easy, comfortable, creative and inspiring.

Together, we developed something that will be useful in years to come."

John Rogan, Teacher

"Computing lessons are great because everything is explained really well.

All the lessons are fun, even fact-finding! If I could I'd give the lessons 10,000 out of 5!"

Shannon, Year 5 Student

Our offerings

Free learning platform

A community of schools, learning from each other through free, cloud-based, mobile learning.

Free Computing Curriculum

An engaging & relevant Computing curriculum inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Free Meeting Admin Tool

A bank of strategies and resources that encourage all members of staff to be part of your school's innovation process.

Let's work together

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks once said,

"A successful society is a community of communities, not an array of selves"

Come join us on our mission in helping communities and its members be the most actively engaged that they can be.